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VRF Set Free Outdoor units

Set Free are VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems and include mini, IVX+, modular and high efficiency heat pump. Each system allows a mixed combination of system free indoor units, including 9 indoor unit types. The Set Free range incorporates a number of features unique to Hitachi.

Utopia Outdoor Units

Utopia are high specification single and multi split systems. This range includes the compact ES, the standard and high efficiency IVX and the RASC centrifugal ducted types. The unique IVX systems incorporate VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) control on twin, triple and quad combinations, making them the market leader in terms of flexibility, user comfort and energy efficiency.

System Free Indoor Units

System free indoor units afford the widest freedom of choice in designing air conditioning systems. All indoor units are interchangeable and may be connected to any outdoor Commercial or Set Free unit. Control is centralised, via the HITACHI H-Link II communication bus. Combining different types of indoor units for an optimal air conditioning concept, this is the freedom afforded by System Free.


With the KPI cross flow heat recovery units it is possible – depending on the type of exchange recovery or sensible heat recovery only. This lets you reduce the power requirements of air conditioning systems where continuous ambient air renewal is required. Easy to install and does not feature the typical duct crossing issues of standard models. KPI heat recovery units assure the environment has fresh, clean and pleasant air using the combined control with the SYSTEM pack – to perform enthalpic heat FREE conditioning system.


Samurai are industrial chilled water systems, including cooling only and heat pump air-to-water, water-to-water and condenserless types. The Samurai are based upon Hitachi’s peerless twin screw compressors, which are industry renowned for their efficiency and reliability. A slide valve provides continuous capacity control from 15 - 100% at high part load efficiency, while maintaining impeccable low vibration & noise level and a high power factor.

Domestic Heating and Cooling

Domestic Heating and cooling systems are air-to-water heat pumps available as Yutaki monobloc or split system type. Air source heat pumps provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating systems.

Control Systems and Accessories

Hitachi offers a wide variety of control systems giving customers the flexibility to control their air conditioning system to suit their requirements. The H-Link communications system, which is common across all System Free Utopia and Set Free products, provides a single and comprehensive range of local, central and BMS gateway controller options.